I was born in Colorado while my mother was on a journey from New York to California in 1966. I spent the first few years of life living on the coast of Northern California, near the Redwood forests. My mother decided to go back to New York to be closer to her family when I was just beginning school. I went to elementary and high school in Saugerties, N.Y. When I was seventeen I moved to Sitka, Alaska to commercially fish for halibut and sablefish. I fished the waters between the panhandle of Southeastern Alaska , the northern and southern sides of the Aleutian chain, and the waters between Dutch Harbor and the Pribilof Islands in the Bering Sea ever since.

I have six children - four girls, and two boys. Two of my girls are grown, and my son Brendan (whom you can hear playing guitar on some songs) is about to.

In the year 2000 I suffered some injuries and I made up my mind to open my own business from dry land. I opened a business named ArtsNorth, and for a time I did commercial graphics, web animation, website design and hosting, sign making, and illustration. I also created fine art wood sculpture and jewelry for sale to local galleries. I found Tlingit artwork a very powerful influence, and more so after my children were born to a Tlingit mother. I've had opportunity to do some work with, and learning from a couple of local master carvers. I've learned a great deal from Will Burkhart and Reg Peterson, and I've admired the work of Tommy Joseph - taking inspiration and technical hints wherever I'm able.

For a few years I thought I would eventually go back to fishing halibut and sablefish, but what I thought was a temporary injury turned into something more permanent and debilitating. I am working on a four year degree for media arts and animation. I've got two years left for a Bachelor of Science. I was forced to interrupt my studies, but hope to be able to afford the money and time to resume. I've since been reconsidering my major, and may focus more on sculpture, cultural studies, and music. I grow weary of technical manuals and code, and it spreads me too thin.

I've since been divorced and reside in Eugene, Oregon with my four youngest children. I built a studio here, and occasionally take classes at the University of Oregon whenever something is available that interests me. I work from home and continue to carve and illustrate, among other creative endeavors. I have plans for making illustrated children's books, and I have high hopes for some future creativity in the field of music. My sons show talent, and I'm not getting any worse by practicing. Time will tell.

-Daniel Hoffay